Friends Only

My journal is Friends Only so please comment to be added.

I love making new friends but I do have a few LJ requests that I ask.
~We need to have something in common. I use my LJ for personal reasons and if I don't know you well enough or feel comfortable adding you I won't. Nothing personal against anyone.
~Please don't be homophobic. Many of my close friends are gay.
~I do not want to read continuing 'woe is me' posts. Yes, we all have bad days but 2 weeks straight?
~Know how to use the lj cut function. I am computer illiterate but I found it. I don't appreciate only having one post per page.
~I have the right to remove you from my friends list at any time and for any reason. It is not because I don't like you at all.

Thank you to the lovely IridescentFox for making my graphic!

And exhale.............

The Patriots played their last regular season game tonight. They played horribly but they still won. Yaaaaay! They have set a NFL record for a perfect 16-0 regular season besting the 1972 Dolphins' 14-0 season.

Tom Brady set the NFL record for most TD passes in a regular season with 50. The previous record was set by Peyton Manning with 49.

Randy Moss set the record for most TD receptions with 23 beating Jerry Rice's old record of 22.

There is a bye next week and then the playoffs. 3 more wins for a perfect 19-0 season and a SuperBowl win!!
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Stupid holiday choirs

Mike called me last night and told me that he has rehearsal for the church's Christmas contada at 8pm on my birthday!!! He said this is a normal rehearsal day and time. Um, so you've known about this for forever and I've been talking about being there for my birthday and you wait until 6 days before to finally tell me? Thanks. Had I known I would have gone out a week prior since he has rehearsal the day I arrive, the day after and rehearsal + the concert on Sunday. Not that I mind him playing drums for Jesus, I am just in Veruca Salt mode. "Daddy I want an Oompa Loompa. I want it nooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!"

How old am I going to be? Yeah, 12.

On a happy note I won a gorgeous Super SailorSaturn production cel that Haruka showed me this morning. Love when people keep bidding at the last minute so the auction goes 25 minutes longer than expected. I enjoy spending time staring at the countdown clock, really. I posted it on Antice. Tis bee-you-tee-ful!!!! Now I'm poor.
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Blue Sailor Moon


So I gave Betty her insulin this morning. First time since her hypoglycemic episode Sat morning. You guessed it, hypoglycemia and an emergency trip to the vet. The vet thinks she may be in remission and not need the insulin anymore. She is starting a diabetic diet today and that could possibly be the solution!

I can't handle any more cat drama!!!

Miss Thing being lazy after her day at the vet.
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Yay dark house. Crap.

So today I hear a very loud "POP" from outside. Then the power goes out. Crap. Called the power company and they informed me it was only my house. Crap. Crap. Did I pay my bill? Yup. Crap. Crap. Crap. Lit lots of candles and popped some myu into the computer. 3 1/2 hours later the truck finally arrives. Yay. 5 minutes later the truck disappears. Crap. Just over an hour after the truck first arrives the power finally comes back on, after my computer had long since lost its power.

Thank God I had the fire since the furnace doesn't work when there's no electricity. I don't feel like being healthy tonight so I ordered pizza. And Fanta. Fanta makes everything better.
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After the bath....

Betty had her bath today. Had to scrub to get rid of all the clumped syrup out of her fur. Wrapped her in a towel and sat in front of the fire so she wouldn't get cold. Kawaii neko-chan!

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